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Programs for Success/Career Tech

Programs for Success/Career Tech

Programs for Success
The Evolution of Career Tech covers a broader range of careers, many of
which are more clearly aligned with postsecondary paths that involve higher
percentages of students pursuing postsecondary education.
Why Are We Unique: We Provide Both College and Career Options!

S - Skills
Programs teach real-life skills including: technical, academic and employability skills so students are prepared for their future upon graduation

U - Unification
Programs unify academic classes with hands-on learning to provide the ultimate learning experience, often referred to as project-based learning

C - College
Regardless of whether students are headed for college or the workforce, this type of education will help them prepare for the future. In fact, college-bound students can get job experiences to help them define their career plans, identify an appropriate course of study and help pay for tuition… ALL while taking college preparatory coursework

C - Credentials and Certifications
The first step in achieving career aspirations-credentials and certifications are evidence of work ethic, drive and persistence that put students ahead of their peers on both college applications and resumes

E - Earnings
According to the Ohio Department of Education, eight years after their expected graduation date, students who focused on Programs for Success while in high school had higher median annual earnings than students who did not focus on these Programs

S - Significant
Programs for Success are significant or relevant to the job market, in sync with global economic forecasts and contribute to our economy. It is vital for graduates to obtain the preparation that will lead them to employment in those economic sectors with researched, valid, predicted growth [1]

S - Student Organizations
A prominent component of Programs for Success-student organizations, such as Skills USA and Business Professionals of America, play an important part in preparing young people to become productive citizens and to assume roles of leadership in their communities. These organizations provide a unique program of career and leadership development, motivation, and recognition for high school students [2]

[1] Psychology today, Jamillah Moore, March 4, 2015
[2] Skills USA Colorado


In addition to the myriad of SHS Programs for Success offered at Sandusky High School, aligned elective courses are also available. Prior to program enrollment, aligned elective courses allow for initial exposure to a program. However, elective courses may also be taken if a student chooses not to enter a program and simply wants to partake in the course.

Family & Consumer Sciences Electives
What do you plan on doing after high school? Whether going to college or pursuing a career, Family & Consumer Science Electives will equip you with the knowledge to live independently.
• Child Development
• Global Foods
• Culinary Fundamentals
• Principles of Nutrition & Wellness
• Textiles & Interiors
• Leadership & Community Engagement
• Senior Life

Business Electives
Interested in running your own business or simply being able to manage your own finances? Business electives will set you up for success.
• Professional and Technical Sales
• Digital Marketing & Design
• Business Foundations
• MicroComputer Applications I & II
• Personal Money Management

Computer Science Electives
Does the thought of creating computer games, websites and new apps excite you? Take part in Computer Science electives to learn more!
• Introduction to Programming
• Introduction to Web Design
• Introduction to Video Game Design
• Introduction to Application Design

Engineering Electives
Interested in learning more about Engineering and Architecture? Want to get a better idea about the coursework before committing to the program. Engineering electives introduce you to the program’s coursework.
• Exploring Design Engineering & Architecture
• Introduction to Engineering
• Introduction to Architecture

Health Careers Electives:
Have you always dreamed of a career in the medical profession. This elective gives you the opportunity to not only explore a number of health careers but also gives you the introductory information you need to work in the medical field!

• Health Careers Exploration

Manufacturing Electives:
Designed specifically for 9th graders, Introduction to STEM allows students to explore six mini-courses over the course of the school year: AutoCad Basics, Welding Concepts, Material Processing Fundamentals, Elements of Construction, Intro to Small Engine Maintenance and Intro to Aviation
Careers & Drone Robotics. 10th graders can partake in Intro to Manufacturing & Construction Technology which is preparatory for Welding, Construction and Manufacturing Programs
• Introduction to STEM
• Introduction to Manufacturing & Technology

Performing Arts Electives:
If you would like to learn more about the performing arts, but aren’t looking at the arts as a career pathway, you might find these electives beneficial.
• Acting for Film
• Make-Up & Costuming
• Technical Theater
• Script Analysis
• Introduction to Dance
• Dance Foundations

Transportation Electives:
Interested in learning more about becoming a pilot or working with drones? Or perhaps you would like to learn how to fix small engines, transmissions and cooling systems? These are great precursors to our
Transportation Programs!
• Air Transportation
• Ground Transportation

• Family & Consumer Sciences
• Business
• Computer Science
• Engineering
• Health Careers
• Manufacturing
• Performing Arts
• Transportation
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