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Campus Wear, School Fees, & Supply Lists

Campus Wear Policy

The goal of the Campus Wear Policy is to provide a professional dress environment aligning to the District’s goals to assure high achievement for all learners, promote a safe and orderly learning environment, support the character development of each student to become a responsible citizen, and develop a high performing organization that is efficient. For details on the K-6 and 7th-12th grade policies, refer to the links below.

*Update - August 25, 2020
Campus Wear Policy for return to In-Person Learning - Our campus wear policy will
remain the same as previous school years, with a few updates including:

• Polos, sweatshirts (without hood) and sweaters
  Acceptable colors: Any shade of blue or grey, white, and black
  Sweatshirts (without hood) and sweaters will not require a polo worn underneath

• Pants - Acceptable colors: Any shade of grey, khaki, blue, and black

• Spirit Wear - Any SCS t-shirt will not require polo worn underneath

Campus Wear Shopping

Schoolbelles' Uniform and Accessories carries approved campus wear. Most local stores also carry approved Campus Wear clothing. 
The Local Goodwill Store has a special section set up with Campus Wear clothing at very reasonable prices. It is located at: 924 E. Perkins Ave. (419-625-2910)

School Fees

Preschool - NO FEES - The district provides all instructional materials needed for preschool classes.

Elementary Schools - NO FEES - The district provides all instructional materials needed for elementary classes.

Sandusky Middle School - NO FEES

Sandusky High School - Parents and guardians are reminded of the possible additional cost involved with various course selections. For a list of course fees, please refer to the Course Selection Guide in the SHS Handbook which is found on our website Forms page. Each student will be assessed an annual lock fee of $1.00.*

*For the 2020-2021 school year Sandusky City Schools will be releasing new fees associated with our new technology plan on Monday, August 17th. 

*To see if you qualify for fees waived, fill out this form and return to the Sandusky Middle School or High School Office.

School Supplies

Grades K-6 Supply List - Individual teachers may request additional supplies. These individual teacher request lists will be sent home with your child at the beginning of the school year. Download the lists below.
Grades 9-12 Supply List - There are no district supply requirements, but individual teachers may request particular supplies. 
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