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Student Services & Family Support

Student Services & Family Support

Our Vision:
To support academic achievement for all students by identifying barriers that may be hindering success within the academic setting and beyond and offering data-driven services that will promote physical, emotional, and social development through advocacy, leadership, and collaboration.

Our Mission:
The Student Services and Family Support Department creates an inclusive culture, providing special education, related, and health services that benefit students, families, and the community through an interdisciplinary approach.

What are we? 
We are the department responsible for implementing federal and state laws that ensure educational and civil rights for ALL students, including students with disabilities, students with academic and behavioral needs, English Language Learners (EL), and preschool students. We are here to provide assistance in developmental areas for students: mental and physical health; communication and language; and, academic, behavioral, and social areas of child and adolescent development.

Who are we? 
We are the staff supporting teachers, administrators, parents, and community in providing specially designed instruction, intervention, services, and training based on research-based, best practices.

Offices located at the Board of Education Building: 
- school psychologists
- mental health therapist
- social workers
- administrative assistants 
- student services director

Located in the buildings
- intervention specialists
- preschool classroom teachers 
- school counselors 
- school nurses 
- speech and language pathologists 
- paraprofessionals 
- occupational therapists/ assistants 
- physical therapists/ assistants 
- adaptive physical education teacher 
- educational interpreters 
- EL consultants
- Student Services Coordinator

Student Services Staff

for Sandusky City School District


Have you heard? Family Health Services (FHS) has partnered with Sandusky City Schools (SCS) to open a health clinic in Sandusky High School! This clinic is available for SCS students in grades Preschool - 12, all district staff, and Sandusky Career Center students.
Services offered will include physicals, behavioral health services, vaccinations, wellness checks, and much more!
You can call 419-984-1042 to schedule an appointment. You can visit FHS at their other locations. FHS will bill your medical insurance and offers a sliding fee scale for those who qualify. 

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