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From ballet and breakdancing, to tango and tap, the world is literally at your feet when it comes to careers in dance. However, it’s not just about busting some moves, cutting some shapes or delicately performing an arabesque. If you wish to pursue a career such as a dancer, choreographer, dance critic, dance company director, talent agent or one of several others, an education in dance will help you explore your passions and allow you to gain many unique skills that are valued in the workplace.

8th Grade - Intro to Dance Techniques
9th Grade - Dance I - Dance Styles & Techniques
10th Grade -  Dance II - Dance Styles & Techniques
11th Grade - Dance Academy III  

Program Highlights

• Students learn the business side of visual, media and performing arts

• Students develop physical stamina and fitness, musicality, expression and sequence retention while learning terminology for dance movement and for the industry

• Students critique choreographed works from multiple dance genres. Using this knowledge and research as well as understanding specific characteristics and movements of dance, they compose sequences into their own designs

• Students assume the roles of singer, instrumentalist, actor and dancer as well as director, stage manager, set designer and/or costume technician

• Senior students participate in the Great Lakes Visual and Performing Arts Course. Under supervision of the school and through partnerships, students combine classroom learning with work experience to benefit themselves and others. These can take the form of mentorship employment, cooperative education, apprenticeships and internships. Students create a master portfolio of their work to promote for employment, post-secondary education and potential scholarships

• Students are members of SkillsUSA, a national student youth group/organization

State Approved Courses

• Dance
• Business of Arts & Communications
• Choreography
• Musical Theater

Cost Free College Credit Opportunities

Career Technical Assurance Guides (CTAGS) allow students, who demonstrate proficiency in career tech courses in approved secondary programs, to receive college credit at any Ohio public university

• CTPAT002-Dance Performance Practicum (3 credit hours)
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