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Facilities Management

Facilities Management

The Maintenance Department is a diverse staff that is responsible for the upkeep of our buildings, facilities, and grounds within the school district. With some of our buildings over one hundred years old, their good condition and functionality is often due to the continuous maintenance preformed by the crew 

Additionally, the maintenance crew has been responsible for remodeling and re-purposing facilities to meet the changing needs of the district. This in-house work helps save the district time and money. The crew also has built outdoor facilities such as the soccer field building in Venice Heights and maintains the stadium and other sports fields. The crew is also responsible for the removal of snow during inclement weather, meaning many early and late hours to keep our district running.

The building firemen (boiler operators/head custodians) are responsible for the general upkeep of each building. These staff are important, as many of our facilities are used for multiple purposes during the school day. Cleaning and general maintenance of facilities are handled on a day to day basis.

If you have a question or comment about the maintenance or upkeep of our buildings, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Kevin Toms.

Mr. Kevin Toms



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