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If you are looking for a career that is easy to get into, that has huge demand, is easy to advance, pays well and provides a great opportunity to start your own business...welding may be for you! The welding industry is so diverse. There are many different metals you can learn to weld, and the types of projects seem to be endless. Welding careers include, but are not limited to welders, sheet metal workers, pipefitters and steamfitters, supervisors, engineers and industrial production managers.

7th Grade - Design & Modeling
9th Grade - Intro to STEM Careers & Technologies
10th Grade -  Intro to Manufacturing & Construction Technology
11th Grade - Welding & Fabrication Technologies
12th Grade - Advanced Welding & Fabrication Technologies

Program Highlights

• Students learn how to read blueprints

• Students use advanced welding techniques and fabrication equipment to design, engineer and assemble metal components

• Students design and fabricate products for use by Sandusky City Schools and the community

• Students are members of SkillsUSA, a national student youth group/organization. SkillsUSA allows students to participate in competitive events, fund-raisers, community service projects and social chapter activities

• Students have the opportunity to intern during their senior year in a welding-related profession (potentially paid) by participating in the Global Internship Experience

Industry Recognized Credentials

• AWS Welding (12 points) 
• OSHA 10 Hour (1 point) 
• CPR First Aid (1 point)

State Approved Courses

• Gas Metal Arc Welding 
• Shielded Metal Arc Welding 
• Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 
• Flux Cored Arc Welding

Cost Free College Credit Opportunities

Boilermaker Youth Apprenticeship - in partnership with Sandusky High School and Lorain County Community College, students in the Welding Program are provided an opportunity to get a jump start on the academic, technical and employment skills needed to bridge into the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Apprenticeship Program. Upon high school graduation, students acquire both articulated college credit and CCP credit with LCCC and preferred admissions standing in the Boilermakers Apprenticeship Program. Students are eligible to receive articulated academic credit for the following Terra State Community College courses: 

• WET1010 Welding Processes Survey (3 credit hours) 
• WET1145 SMAW Theory and Lab (3 credit hours) 
• WET 2435 GMAW/GTAW Welding Theory (2 credit hours) 
• WET2445 GMAW Welding Lab (2 credit hours) 
• WET2455 GTAW Welding Lab (2 credit hours) 
• MFG1020 Safety (1 credit hour) 
• QCT1020 Blueprint Reading (2 credit hours)
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