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Well known for its excellence, Sandusky High School Arts programs have been nurturing, educating and developing of student’s creativity in more areas than any other in Erie County. With the inception of the Great Lakes Visual & Performing Arts Academy (GLVPAA), students have the opportunity to explore, create, and challenge themselves to excel in multiple classes in five arts disciplines (Visual Art, Vocal, Instrumental, Theatre and Dance).  The options are extensive and a vital part of our comprehensive high school.  

We offer 24 visual art classes including multiple levels in: Graphic Design, Photography, Fashion Design, Architecture, Animation & Media Arts, Ceramics, Metals & Fibers, Drawing, Painting, and Sculptural Welding. 

Extensive Vocal and Instrumental Music performance opportunities such as: Prep Choir, A'Cappella and Men’s Chorus, Keynotes & Handbell performance Choirs, and the GLVPAA Ensemble, Marching Band, Symphonic/Concert Band, SHS Blue Notes Jazz Band, SHS Pep Band, the SHS Brass Choir, Mallet/Woodwind Choir, Orchestra, and Electric Orchestra.  
Our Theatre classes include: Intro to Theatre, Acting, Performing Art of Social Media, Scriptwriting and Theatre Production (CTE) courses.  

The Dance program includes: Dance Appreciation, Dance Foundations, Advanced Dance (CTE)

We offering a comprehensive academic curriculum and intensive pre-professional training. Students will be prepared for the rigorous competition of program acceptance at the college level, as well as experience for the professional art world.

"School children exposed to drama, music, and dance may do a better job at mastering reading, writing, and math than those who focus solely on academics, according to a report by the Arts Education Partnership."
(First published in 2002, USA Today)


Contact Information:

Rosalyn Shepherd, Director

Areas of Study:

Theatre helps with understanding social relationships, complex issues and emotions. It also improves concentrated thought and story comprehension.
Music improves math achievement and proficiency, reading and cognitive development. It also boosts SAT verbal scores and skills for second language learners.
Dance helps with creative thinking, originality, elaboration, and flexibility. It also improves expressive skills, social tolerance, self-confidence and persistence.
Visual Arts improves content and organization of writing. It also promotes sophisticated reading skills and interpretation of text.


normal;background:white'>The Jr. Arts Academy (JAA) is a six-month after-school program for 3rd - 6th grade elementary students. The JAA program takes place at Sandusky Intermediate School and offers unique experiences in the arts. Students can participate in any of the following areas:

  • Guitar
  • Dance
  • Theatre/Drama
  • Visual Art
  • Instrumental Music 


RCAAS, a school for Advanced Academic & Arts Studies, uses innovative instruction, individual talent development model, as well as an arts integration curriculum to meet the needs of each student!  This 3rd through 6th grade program is a full-day integrated service for students gifted and emerging in academics and/or the arts.
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