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Board of Education

Board of Education

BOE 2022-2023

Thomas Patterson, Vice-President
Ebony Sizemore, Board Member
Jennifer Chapman, Board Member
Shelisa Johnson, Board Member
Mr. Daniel Rambler, CEO & Superintendent
Yvonne Anderson, CFO & Treasurer
Our Mission
To provide a diverse educational experience where all students will become respected, productive, and valued members of our community. 
Regular meetings of the Sandusky Board of Education will usually be held at the:
Board of Education
407 Decatur Street, 3rd Floor

8:00 AM or 6:00 PM

Agendas are posted online in the links box to the right.

*Denotes: 2nd meeting of the month.

As the school year progresses, additional special meetings may be scheduled. The Regular Meetings of the Sandusky Board of Education scheduled during the school year will usually be held in the 3rd floor Board room at the Administration Building.

The Regular Meetings of the Sandusky Board of Education scheduled during the summer months will usually be held in the 3rd floor Board room at the Administration Building beginning at 8:00 AM unless otherwise noted. 

Sandusky City Schools District Goals


We will achieve and maintain the highest standards of academic excellence while providing an environment in which students are encouraged to reach their maximum potential. 


Financial Resources

We will maintain and enhance the financial condition of the district so as to provide sufficient resources for our programs and facilities.



We will strive to provide an optimal learning, safe and healthy environment for our students, staff and community so that there will be no physical barriers to learning.



We will continue to improve communications with our students, families and community members, as well as our staff. We will encourage collaboration with these stakeholders on all fronts, including the recruitment and retention of students.



The entire staff of SCS will be held accountable for the success of our students. We will provide and facilitate professional development for our staff so that they will have the ability to challenge every student. We will recruit and retain highly qualified staff members who will be strongly encouraged to participate in all aspects of the SCS community.

Board Policies

To view our current Board Policies, click here.

Board Committee Assignments

Finance & Audit Committee:
Mr. Thomas Patterson & Ms. Ebony Sizemore
Curriculum & Instruction Committee:
Mrs. Martha Murray & Mrs. Shelisa Johnson
Operations & Facilities:
Mr. Thomas Patterson & Mrs. Jennifer Chapman
Business Advisory Committee:
Mrs. Shelisa Johnson & Mrs. Martha Murray
Parent Congress:
Ms. Ebony Sizemore & Mrs. Jennifer Chapman
Mrs. Shelisa Johnson & Ms. Ebony Sizemore
Hall of Fame:
Mr. Thomas Patterson

Retention & Recruitment:
Mrs. Martha Murray & Mr. Thomas Patterson

Student Achievement Liaison - Ms. Ebony Sizemore
Legislative Liaison - Mrs. Martha Murray

Meetings & Agendas


Board Work Session On 6/27/2023
Board Meeting On 6/27/2023
Board Policy Committee Meeting On 6/21/2023
Board Meeting On 6/6/2023
Board Meeting On 5/16/2023
Finance Meeting On 5/8/2023 at 8:00 AM
At Board Room
Board Meeting On 4/18/2023
Board Policy Committee Meeting On 3/22/2023
Board Meeting On 3/14/2023
Board Work Session On 3/14/2023
Board Meeting On 2/13/2023
Budget Hearing/Organizational Meeting On 1/10/2023
Board Policy Committee Meeting On 12/14/2022
Board Meeting On 12/13/2022
Board Meeting On 11/17/2022
Board Meeting On 10/18/2022
Board Meeting On 9/20/2022
Board Meeting On 8/22/2022
Board Meeting On 7/19/2022
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