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Business & Administrative Services

Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Sam Walton (Wal-Mart Founder) and Bill Gates have one thing in common (besides a lot of money). They all had the business skills necessary to become successful. Can you see yourself owning your own business? Do you enjoy managing a project and helping it thrive? Do you have a love for money and trying to increase earnings? A business education is the key to a number of careers including: accountants, human resource managers, administrators, attorneys, marketing managers, government officials and entrepreneurs. Why? Every organization, regardless of industry, relies on business principles to prosper. Individuals who have a solid business education are not only poised to start their own business, they also have the practical skills needed to excel in a variety of positions in the industry of their choice.

Program Highlights

• Students obtain knowledge and skills in general management, human resources management, operations managements, business informatics and office management

• Students utilize technology to create job applications and job descriptions

• Students obtain fundamental knowledge in accounting, banking services, corporate finance and investments

• Students monitor trends in the business environment to determine the impact on sales, customers and competitors

• Students enter state and regional competitions

• Students are members of Business Professionals of America

• Students have the opportunity to intern during their senior year in a business-related profession by participating in the Global Internship Experience.

Industry Recognized Credentials

• Entrepreneurship & Small Business (3 points)
• Rise Up Customer Service & Sales (6 points)
• Rise Up Retail Inventory Fundamentals (6 points)
• MOS - Word ‘16 (3 points)
• MOS - Excel ‘16 (3 points)
• MOS - Powerpoint (3 points)

State Approved Courses

• Fundamentals of Business & Administrative Services
• Human Resource Management
• Finance Foundations
• Professional & Technical Sales

Cost Free College Credit Opportunities

Cost Free College Credit Opportunities: Career Technical Assurance Guides (CTAGS)-Students who demonstrate
proficiency in career tech courses in approved secondary programs can receive college credit!

Students who choose to take the Entrepreneurship elective course receive:

• CTENTR001 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3 credit hours)

Students are eligible to receive articulated academic credit for the following Terra State Community College courses:

• OAD1150 Document Formatting I (3 credit hours)
• OAD1160 Document Formatting II (3 credit hours)
• OAD2240 Advanced Spreadsheets (1 credit hour)
• OAD 2330 Advanced Presentation Graphics (1 credit hour)
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