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Voice Recognition


Stage, Lights, Action! Do you enjoy the elements that make up a theatrical performance? Perhaps you dream of acting on Broadway, television or even movies! A career in theater includes not only acting, but also a number of components of production including directing, writing, producing, costuming, makeup, lighting, set and stage design and prop creation.

9th - Introduction to Theater
10th - Acting
11th - Theater Production I
12th - Theater Production II

Program Highlights

• Students learn the various career paths within the theater industry 

• Students study methods of acting, vocal and movement technique, Shakespearean Meter and set direction
• Students learn the art of set and lighting design, as well as makeup, hair and costume design

 • Students showcase their talents in creations for Sandusky City Schools and community organizations 

• Students are members of SkillsUSA, a national student youth group/organization

• Students create resumes and audition for regional and college theatrical productions 

State Approved Courses

• Acting & Script Analysis 
• Acting Performance 
• Stagecraft 
• Video Production

Cost Free College Credit Opportunities

Career Technical Assurance Guides (CTAGS) allow students, who demonstrate proficiency in career tech courses in approved secondary programs, to receive college credit at any Ohio public university 

• CTPA7001-Stagecraft (3 credit hours) 
• CTMDA003-Intro to Single Cam Video Production (3 credit hours) 
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