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Please Keep in Mind...

Please Keep in Mind...

LEAs are required to meet, on a regular basis, with all the private schools located within their boundaries to discuss levels of needs and services; 

Students with disabilities (SWD) receiving a scholarship may be considered for service as long as the service is not already covered by their IEPs;

If the LEA determines it will provide additional services to a SWD who is receiving a scholarship, the LEA must develop a second services plan which details the services to be provided.

The Auxiliary Services Program is authorized under 3317.06, 3317.062 and 3317.024 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The Auxiliary Services Program provides services to students attending nonpublic schools. State funds are allocated per school based on the October ADM and administered by the city public school district. Such services, either personnel or materials and equipment, are requested by the nonpublic school on an SF-200 form, which must be submitted for every request for expenditure of Auxiliary Services funds.

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