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SCC Staff Directory

Email, Website, Office Phone
Agee, Brad
Math Teacher, Aviation Teacher
Office: 419-984-1496
Anderson, Rob
Facilities Maintenance
Ashley, Mike
Facilities Maintenance
Balduff, Macy
Bates, Laura
Administrative Assistant - Financial Aid & Evening Adult Education
Office: 419-984-1102
Boose, Tom
Facilities Maintenance
Cook-Gibson, Crystal
Financial Aid Coordinator
Office: 419-984-1104
Durfey, Jessica
Medical Assisting
Fishbaugh, Jolie
Advanced Cosmetology
Gasteier, Bob
Facilities Maintenance
Kastor, Mike
Facilities Maintenance
Krabill, Jamie
Lead Instructor - School of Practical Nursing
Office: 419-984-1111
Krabill, Lauralee
Director Allied Health & School of Practical Nursing
Office: 419-984-1108
Leslie, Paul
Facilities Maintenance Coordinator
Office: 419-984-1106
Mason, Carrie
Practical Nursing
McCarthy, Megan
McCormick, Jessica
Practical Nursing
Moots, Elizabeth
RN Program Director
Office: 419-984-1870
Moreck, Richard
Career Center Director
Nitschke, Wendy
Adult Cosmetology Coordinator
Office: 419-984-1132
Pitcher, Jason
Head Custodian
Office: 419-984-1346
Rankins, Sgt. Ken
Sandusky Police Academy Commander
Office: 419-984-1100
Register-Jones, Brenda
Administrative Assistant
Rew, Renee
STNA Program Contact
Office: 419-984-1917
Riebold, Dave
Facilities Maintenance
Santana, Salvador
Office: 419-984-1296
Sparks, Brenda
LPN-RN Program
Thompson, Kris
ABLE Coordinator
Office: 419-984-1135
Wilcox, Lexi
Administrative Assistant - Adult Education
Office: 419-984-1100
Wimmer, Brad
Facilities Maintenance
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