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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I work from home? 
Students have the opportunity for independent online learning at their fingertips 24/7/365. This helps students who are unable to attend due to employment, childcare, etc. We do find students who work with teachers have greater success.

2. Can I as a parent see my child’s progress? 
Parents have access to their child's progress and work completion. We also send home progress reports.

3. Can I graduate early? 
What is great about our online program is the ability for students to work at their own pace. Once state tests are complete and students have 21 credits, they can graduate early.

4. Will I have an opportunity to receive an SHS diploma and walk with my class? 
When students have met graduation requirements, they have the honor and privilege to walk with their classmates.

5. Will my child receive help from teachers? 
At SDLC we pride ourselves on having Highly Qualified Teachers in all core subjects, along with an intervention specialist and CBO Instructor.

6. Can I do extra curricular activities at SHS? 
Absolutely! *Must meet eligibility requirements. We have a bulletin board to post sports tryouts.

7. Do you provide transportation? 
We currently provide transportation for middle school students who had bus service prior to enrolling at SDLC. 
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