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Work Permits

Sandusky City Schools Work Permit Instructions

Work Permit Checklist: 
____ 1. All Sandusky Schools students aged 14-17 must obtain an “Application for Minor Work Permit” at the Sandusky City Schools Administration Building, 407 Decatur Street or online at It is the student’s responsibility to complete the necessary documentation and permit processing in advance of starting their job. Students aged 18+ and graduates are not required to complete a work permit.
____ 2. Students must obtain* a current hard-copy printout of their year-to-date attendance and tardy report (valid for one (1) week) from their school office and present it when returning application. (Not required during summer months*). 
NOTE: Students with more than 10 unexcused absences must be approved by the Superintendent or designee**.

____ 3. Student and a Parent/Guardian must legibly complete and sign the “Student/Applicant Information” section
 (on back) of the “Application for Minor Work Permit”.

____ 4. Student and a Parent/Guardian are responsible to have the “Physician’s Certificate for Minor Work Permit”, legibly completed by a physician. A previous Physician’s Certificate or sport physical, current within one (1) year, and on file at the Administration Building, is valid for use with Work Permits.

____ 5. Pledge of Employer: Once an employer has offered a job, the Student is responsible to take the form to the Employer to legibly complete the “Pledge of Employer” section of the “Application for Minor Work Permit”. Students are to make sure ALL sections, marked with blue arrows, are completely filled out and signed or the permit will be returned to the student and no work permit will be issued.

____ 6. Age Verification must be provided with application. (Ex: Previous Work Permit, Birth Certificate, OH Driver’s License, OH State ID, SCS School ID, etc.)

____ 7. Packet Completed: Physicians Certificate, Application, Pledge of Employer, Age Verification, and Attendance Report are to be returned to the Administration Building any business day Monday - Friday, 7:15 AM to 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM. Non-school day hours may vary, see posted hours. No Work Permit will be issued during school hours (SDLC).
NOTE: Permits are prepared as quickly as possible, but may be delayed up to 48 hours for processing, that may 
 require the student return at a later time or day to sign for the Work Permit. Plan ahead to complete and file.

____ 8. Have you had a Work Permit previously? ___Yes ___No 

____ 9. STUDENT must be present and we require a valid photo ID or Birth Certificate to sign the processed Permit.
 Parent/guardian does need to be present to complete the work permit.
 *Non-school day hours are times when school is not in regular session. (SDLC students are exempt from hours limitation.)
 **Permit review by Superintendent/designee may take 24-72 hours, permit may be conditional and may be revoked.
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