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Aswad Johnson, father of Solomon Johnson (SHS Class of 2022)

"The story that Mr. Talbot told at graduation (the butterfly) reminded me of my son's 5th grade teacher. Learning's always been easy for Solomon, from preschool, while at Hancock, and his first year (4th grade) at RCAAS. 5th grade, however, was an eye-opening experience, because for the first time, Solomon struggled. Now some parents of gifted kids can feel that their child is entitled to an "A" just because they're "identified." They don't feel that a child should have to put in any hard work. This can place a ton of pressure on a teacher, especially when the child doesn't perform as well as the parent thinks they should. Well, instead of Shelisa and I jumping all over the teacher, we jumped all over Solomon. We let him know that the C's & D's he was getting in class were not acceptable; and that he had better figure it out or it was going to be some trouble. Now, one of my favorite quotes is from former champ Mike Tyson.  He said, "everybody has a plan, 'til they get hit in the mouth..." It was Conor Whelan who hit Solomon in the mouth (figuratively of course); and eventually Solomon learned how to overcome that adversity. I would like to thank him for that. Connor deserves to be recognized, because without him, I don't know if our son graduates with all those accolades Mr. Talbot read off today. Conor Whelan is a great teacher and we're blessed to have him. #GoStreaks!!"

Mr. Whelan taught 5th and 6th graders at RCAAS from 2013-2018. He now teaches Math at Sandusky High School, where he continues to have high expectations for his students! 

"I think it was pretty neat being a part of the first group to go to RCAAS. The teachers there were great, and we had fun while learning. I also think it's neat that I was part of the first group to be in the gifted program at SMS." - Kai Edwards, SHS Class of 2020

"I'm so proud to know that Kai was in the first class to ever be at RCAAS. Mrs. Toft was a teacher Venice Heights, and I loved the way she interacted with the kids. Then to find out she was going to be the principal at RCAAS was icing on the cake! Finding out that Kai was going to be working with a professor from BGSU in 6th grade was great. My child is a well-rounded student and I contribute that to past and present teachers, principals, classes and programs available due to being in the gifted program, and me, Kai's mother." - Tracy Stephens, Parent 

Ann Sheldon, Executive Director for the Ohio Association for Gifted Children shared, “Given that only 18% of identified gifted students in Ohio are provided services, it is clear that more options are needed to meet the needs of this student population. I applaud Sandusky City Schools for recognizing and meeting this need.”

"First year at RCAAS, and we’re very impressed. Exposure to new and exciting topics through partnerships with local universities have made learning fun and exciting for our daughter, Anisha Chopra. She can’t wait to tell us about her trips and new experiences. There is a good balance of new online teaching programs and standard in class lectures. The teaching methods implemented have taught our daughter to embrace challenges and to tackle new, unknown material with confidence. We appreciate the efforts put forth by the administration, faculty and staff. As parents, we would definitely recommend RCAAS. As a student, Anisha couldn’t imagine a better school. " - Atul & Charu Chopra

Dr. Eugene T. W. Sanders, Former Superintendent and Chief Executive Officer for the Sandusky City Schools noted, “This innovative school is a reflection of the legacy, history, pride, and excellence that has been the hallmark of the Sandusky community. This school offers a regional approach to school instruction and we believe that innovation is the cornerstone of school restructuring in the 21st century.

"The Regional Center For Academic Studies was right on time for our family and this district. We were apprehensive the change of school would have on our daughter but, the advanced studies along with the ability to have an inspiring setting for the students, teamed with the professors, trips, and outstanding leaders has worked wonders in inspiring and allowing my student to blossom and grow mentally, academically, personally, and socially."
- Jennifer Schonhardt, RCAAS PTO President, Kamryn Schonhardt, 4th Grade, & Kaeley Schonhardt, 8th Grade (former RCAAS Student)

Faith Denslow, Former Sandusky City Schools Board of Education President said, “This new school is the kind of Next Level strategic and innovative initiative that will provide our students with the ability to compete against students from a global perspective. We are excited about this transformation effort and the Board of Education fully endorses the transformation step. We are excited about the future for all of our students in the Sandusky region."
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