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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My child is currently receiving services at SCS, do I need to apply for services at RCAAS?
A. Yes, all children currently being served this year need to completely fill out an application.

Q. My child loves his/her current school. How will the transition from the current school to RCAAS look?
A. We are all Blue Streaks! RCAAS students will be able to ride the bus and have access to art, music, physical education, computers, and strings. Students and their families will be welcomed with an open house prior to the start of the school year. Opportunities for communication between families and staff will occur throughout the summer months. Support services will be provided by our guidance counselor.

Q. My child does not currently attend a Sandusky City Schools elementary building. Can my child apply to RCAAS?
A. Yes, through the application process (including proper identification as gifted) the student may enroll to RCAAS.

Q. Why does Sandusky City Schools need an all-day service setting for gifted students?
A. All children in Sandusky must be afforded a free and appropriate education consummate of their abilities. The Regional Center for Advanced Academic Studies provides gifted students a research-based learning environment where their needs can be met and nurtured accordingly.

Q. What curriculum will be used at RCAAS?
Our teachers, all licensed Gifted Intervention Specialists, will use Ohio's Common Core Standards as a starting point for curriculum decisions. Our teachers employ a student-centered instructional methods to foster academic independence in our students. We have adopted math, science, and humanities curricula that all have online components. Language Arts and Reading standards will be introduced to students through units of study based on central themes, varying each quarter. Each grade band (3 and 4, 5 and 6) will explore various text selections, including those selected by teachers and by students, that support cross-curricular work and the current theme (such as Acceptance, Survival, the Importance of Family, and Societal Pressure). The goal of our curriculum is to engage students in 21st Century skills and make education a collaborative endeavor. Additionally, thanks to a generous grant from the Dorn Foundation, college professors work directly with our students to deepen their understanding of concepts and skills through rigorous learning opportunities both in our classrooms and on college campuses.

Q. As a parent, how can I support my child at RCAAS?

A. Parental support and involvement in your child’s education is key to his or her success. Support can come in many ways: encourage your child to stick with tasks until they are completed; encourage grappling with new thoughts and the ideas of others; support going after the hard fought “B” rather than the easy “A”; listen; scaffold student independence and being organized; anticipate emotions; be present. We also ask that you consider joining the Parent Council group at RCAAS and volunteer when asked by our dedicated staff.

Q. Is there a cost our family will need to cover to attend RCAAS?
A. There is no tuition for the Regional Center. The school is open to all students in our region. Teachers may request no or low cost items for projects at certain times during the year.
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