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Thank you for checking out our 'SCS Wellness' website! You are able to download your monthly wellness newsletters (on the right) and upload your wellness activities directly (below) without having to utilize interoffice mail. Don't forget to check out the links on the right for valuable medical information. Be sure to check back for recent wellness prize winners and upcoming wellness events.

Wellness Prize Winners

2020/2021 Wellness Champions: $100 Wellness Dollars
Rebecca Carr, Faith Hixson, Amy Kromer, Shawnda Ramon and Patricia Ruffin
2020/2021 Wellness All Star: $50 Wellness Dollars
Jamie Biecheler, Lexi Brown, Judy Gilchrist, Alison Litz, Joy Roth, Sharon Ruggles, Jonathan Smith, Keli Van Wagnen and Beth Wells
2020/2021 Wellness Competitor: $25 Wellness Dollars
Marie Kaiser, Sarah Meagrow, Tina Showalter, Tina Steinmetz and Wendy Studer

August: $25 Wellness Dollars
Crossword Puzzle: Tina Showalter
Take Ten Session: Faith Hixson
Wellness Challenge: Babe Sidoti-Palmer

July: $25 Wellness Dollars 
Crossword Puzzle: Chris Norwell-Fischer
Take Ten Session: Jamie Biecheler
Wellness Challenge: Beth Wells
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Health Advisory Board

Yvonne Anderson 
Ginny Grathwol
Jeff Hall
Amy McMillan
Dennis Muratori
Renee Neyman
Chris Norwell-Fischer
Erin Sartor
Cheri Schlett

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