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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

- Do I have to wait until I take the WorkKeys exam or get accepted into the program before applying for financial aid?
No. You may complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at any time, as a matter of fact we encourage you to go on-line at and get started. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the FAFSA and receive a valid SAR (Student Aid Report).

- When do I hear from the Financial Aid Office?
If everything is in order, we will mail you an award offer. If there are some items that need to be resolved, we will contact you and may ask you to schedule an appointment.

- I don’t think I will qualify for Pell but can I still apply for student loans?
Yes. Your income doesn’t matter except that it may cause all or some of your loan funds to be Unsubsidized (Unsubsidized means that interest will be accruing during your in-school and grace period).

- I know that I am not Pell eligible because of my income, and my employer will pay for everything anyway. Why do I still have to complete the FAFSA?
Because if you are Pell eligible, most employers require that Pell be applied to your fees first, and then your employer pays all or part of the balance. The financial aid office has to let your employer know if you are eligible or not, and we need your FAFSA results in order to determine this.

- I am not Pell eligible and my employer is paying for everything but I still need money to help out with living expenses, childcare, etc. Can I apply for student loans and keep that money for myself?
Yes.  Normally the only funds that your employer requires to be applied to your account is Pell.

- An outside agency such as WIA or BVR is going to pay for my schooling. Why do I have to complete the FAFSA form?
Because if you are Pell eligible, most agencies require that Pell be applied to your fees first, and then the agency will pay all or part of your balance. The financial aid office has to let the agency know if you are eligible or not, and we need your FAFSA results in order to determine this.

- I am currently attending another school. Can my aid just transfer to your school?
No, any current loans would be canceled when you leave the other school and you will have to re-apply for new loans. You may not be able to get full new loan amounts if there is an overlapping loan period between schools. If you have Pell you will be awarded based on the percentage you have already used at the other school. For example, your award at the other school was $4050 and you used 50% ($2025). Your award here is $3700. You have 50% remaining eligibility so the maximum amount for this school would be $1850 ($3700 X 50%).

- I already have an SAR for this award year because of attending another school.  Do I complete a new FAFSA for your school?
No, you can only have one SAR per award year. If you file a new FAFSA the Dept. of Education will just reject it. What you need to do is correct your current SAR by adding our school code of 026200.

- I am on my own and self-supporting. Why do I have to provide my parents information?
Dependency status is determined by the questions you answer in Step Three on the FAFSA form. If you answer no to every question you are a dependent student for financial aid purposes and you must provide your parents information.

- I answered no to all the questions in Step Three, but I do have a child. Doesn’t that make me Independent?
Not necessarily. The qualifying question is do you provide more than 50% support for your children? For instance, you have little or no income, you and your child are living with your parents and they are providing most of your needs, then they would be the ones providing over 50%.

- I currently have a student loan in default status. Can I still get my Pell grant?
No, if you are in default you are not able to receive any Title IV aid, as a matter of fact you may not be able to receive other sources of funding such as WIA. Once the default is resolved you will again be eligible. Any default status must be completely resolved at least one month prior to the program start date. If you are already in the program and go into default your aid will be suspended and you will become responsible for tuition and fees.


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