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Sandusky City Schools Announces Official Stadium Name Thanks to Generous Community Support

Sandusky City Schools is thrilled to announce the official renaming of the current ‘Cedar Point Stadium’
and the Strobel Field turf replacement project. We are thankful to those who have been included in this process and the
partnership created. The stadium itself will be renamed Foundation Stadium, while the playing field will remain, Strobel
Field. Foundation Stadium is a powerful symbol of collaboration and community spirit. The name recognizes the
significant contributions of the Dorn Foundation, Sidney Frohman Foundation, Erie County Community Foundation,
Wightman-Wieber Foundation, Mylander Foundation, and the Blue Streak Booster Club. These organizations have made
lasting impacts on our community. Their support for this project further demonstrates their commitment to Sandusky's
students and families. Foundation Stadium is a name that will live on for generations to come and become a symbol of
support, collaboration, and unity focused on our students, families, and community members.

Click here for the Press Release.

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