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Sandusky Primary Schools' March & April Bucket Fillers

Sandusky Primary School's staff strive to have their students be kind to one another. We chose to make our school a "Bucket Filling" school, meaning that we hope to fill each other's buckets by preforming acts of kindness or saying kind things. Each time a student is caught being kind, they have an opportunity to have their names placed into their classroom bucket. At the end of the month, winners are chosen for each grade level. 

Congratulations to the following winners for March and April: Kali Scott, Tae-Yon Morgan-Green, Jayla Spearman, Amiyah Anderson, Jamiyah Gamble-Gilmer, Braidyn Felliciano, Kellan Todi, Samuel Duke, Miles Brunk, Vivien Barnette, Javier Richmond-Ramierez, Brodi Johnson, Taylynn Knight, Auburn Todi, Chase Malone, Kaidence Durr, Juss Turner, A'nahla Robinson, Qi'Ava Hunter, Chantz Brunt, Tytan Monegan, Lilli'onna Miller, Jaiyah Caldwell, Lydia Holtz, Caine Ruffin, LeeAnna Randleman, Kaziya Johnson-Leland, Kevin Zerafa, Bryce Hammons, Danaris McLaughlin, Flynn Norman, Camrie Aaron, & Carter Caffey. 

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