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"Always A Blue Streak"

"Always a Blue Streak" Alumni and History Spotlights

Share your story with our Blue Streak Family! The goal of our "Always a Blue Streak" spotlights are to recognize members of our alumni community who are doing great things that have been influenced by their time at Sandusky City Schools as well as highlight pieces of our history. New posts go live on Facebook every other Friday so check back often for updates!

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Ruth Giles, Class of 2009

Ruth Giles

Current Job Title and Employer
5th Grade Science Teacher in Houston, Texas

 Please explain your college/career/military path after graduating from SHS.

I have worked as an educator since 2016. I started my journey at Port Arthur Independent School district in Beaumont, Texas as a second-grade math and science teacher and continued my journey at Amigos Por Vida in Houston, Texas. From there, I secured a job working for Houston Independent School District (HISD), the 8th largest district in the United States. I have been with them for the past 5 years. I have had the pleasure to work as a science lab teacher and a 5th-grade science teacher. My job requires me to be dynamic and so, I continuously attend professional development and seek out opportunities to enhance my content knowledge and pedagogical skills. I recently graduated with my Masters in Science Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at Arlington. I design instructional curricula, and content to actively monitor my students. My lesson plans represent the coordination of in-depth content knowledge, and understanding of different students' needs, this leads to a series of learning activities designed to engage students in high-level cognitive activity. These plans are differentiated, as appropriate, for individual and bilingual learners. If you came into my classroom, you would see a student-led classroom. I pride myself on being an educator while working in the 8th largest district in the United Sates.

- Elementary Science Teacher Finalist - Alliant Group (2021-2022)

- Awarded HISD Teacher of the Month (2020-2021)

- Awarded Teacher of the Year (2019-2020)

- Recognition from Port City Chapters,NASA, WorleyParsons for successful collaboration (2019-2020)


How did Sandusky City Schools prepare you for your future?

Attending Sandusky City Schools prepared me for my future in a way I did not realize until becoming a teacher. I know that sounds odd but looking back at the teachers who I admired and looked up to, they helped me become the educator I am today. I finished college with a degree in science and mathematics from Walsh University with the prospect of continuing in the medical field, but when I student taught from an additional degree, it opened a whole new world for me. Making those connections with my teachers in high school is something that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I remember I wasn’t passing my classes freshman year and realized I needed to make a change, Mrs. Petrie pushed me and my sophomore year, I remember going to Mrs. Prout and asked if she would sign a form so I could move up to an honors English class. She said “It’s going to be hard”, I acknowledged this  and said “I would work hard”, she signed the form believing I could do it and I did!


Please share your best SCS memory.

My best memory from high school was playing in the Orchestra with Mr. Nitschke. From practice to getting dressed up and getting our results (A), it was always exciting.


What staff member(s) influenced you most during your time at SCS?

Mrs. Mckenna, Mrs. Petrie, Mrs. Prout, Mr. Dvorsky, Mrs. Poggiali

Dawn Ohlemacher, Class of 1975

Dawn Ohlemacher

Please explain your college/career/military path after graduating from SHS.

I went to nursing school after graduation. Started my Nursing career in 1977. Retired from nursing in 208.

Please share your best SCS memory.

My most memorable times are related to the music department. Band, Choir, and Orchestra as one big family.

What staff member(s) influenced you most during your time at SCS?

Mr. Aldrich, Mr. Albert, Mr. Montgomery, Mr. Eash, and Mr. Marshall. 

Mr. Getty, Mr. Kraus, and Mr. Konzen in the music department.

Mr. Van Meter and Mr. Marquardt from Social Studies.

Mr. Colatruglio from English.

Mr. Cope from the Science Department helped with band uniforms on bus trips for away games.

What advice would you give seniors?

Study hard, learn everything you can and have fun along the way. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Is there any other information you would like to include?

From Kindergarten to Alumni we are one family at Sandusky. The pride, spirit, and tradition lives on.

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