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Summer Band Information
Regarding the weeks of July 6th and 13th:

Students must take their instruments with them to and from all rehearsals - except for Sousaphones, Bari Saxes, and Drum Line (unless you would like to transport your instruments to and from rehearsal).

Please limit or avoid carpooling if at all possible.

Rehearsals will be held outside. If there is inclement weather, Drum Line will move inside and will rehearse in the Band Room, on Stage, or in the Choir Room. If there is inclement weather during a session in which we are working with Brass or Woodwinds, we will move inside for shelter, but will not be permitted to play/rehearse indoors. If we need to cancel for inclement weather (or for any reason), we will communicate that to you on the BPO Facebook page and on the BAND app.

Students who are scheduled in the SHS North Lawn should be dropped off in the SHS Front Circle and will walk around the building (towards Sandusky Intermediate), and meet with Mr. Klohn in the lawn next to the Fitness Center (the lawn where we line up for after school rehearsal). Sousaphones/Bari Saxes/Drum Line should be dropped off in the SHS Front Circle, as well, and I will explain how we will be accessing our instruments when I see you in person.

Students who are scheduled in the SHS Back Parking Lot should be dropped off in the SHS Back Parking Lot and should look for Mr. Barringer and meet him wherever he is staged.

Students are expected to use their lyre and flip folder, so please make sure you locate yours and have it ready to go. Students are also expected to not share music or music stands (if needed) at any time. Students may not share drum sticks/mallets/beaters. Students should not share reeds or supplies of any kind. If your student is in need of reeds, valve oil, cork grease, etc., they will need to have their own supplies because we cannot take a risk by sharing those things. Those supplies, or anything your student needs, can be readily purchased at Forte Music, 212 Hancock Street, Sandusky – 419-625-1200.

Wind players should also take a moment to plan on how they will transport and store their mouthpiece/ligature/reeds/mouthpiece cap outside of their case. I would suggest using a Ziploc baggie, and then opening that baggie to let things dry out somewhere safe at home.

Students must provide their own water bottles. Masks are optional, but strongly suggested to be worn as students arrive, check in with a Director, and after playing has concluded.

Students will be given a specific spot wherever they are rehearsing and will be expected to stay in their given area, maintaining social distancing at all times.

Students may show up no more than 10 minutes before rehearsal, and will need to vacate the rehearsal site as quickly as possible once they are dismissed.

In order to participate, students will need to have returned their Band Handbook forms, their EMF, Instrument Rental Contract (if applicable), and any other forms required by the Athletic Office for participation. Students will be given these forms at their first session, or there is a link to the Band Handbook and forms from our Handbook Meeting that can be found by searching this page.

Students will be required to answer a short series of health questions and are expected to complete a self-check before arriving at rehearsal. The Directors reserve the right, at their discretion, to send someone home who appears to be under the weather. We will be sending anyone home who answers "yes" to experiencing any health conditions on our provided health questions. If a student is being sent home, we will instruct them to call a Parent/Guardian and we will inform Mr. Coakley that we are sending your student home and why. It will then be up to the student and their family to see a Doctor and secure a Doctor's note clearing them health-wise to be able to return and participate.

If your student does not attend a session, we are required to follow up with you to determine the reason for your student's absence during any of our Summer Band Sessions. As always, we appreciate that our families who are proactive in contacting us regarding student absences/pre-planned family vacations/family emergencies. Please message the Sandusky BPO Facebook page, the Sandusky High School BAND app page, email [email protected] or [email protected], or call/text 419-515-6859 (our Google Voice number) to stay in touch with Mr. Barringer and I.

Majorettes and Flags who play an instrument have been scheduled during a time slot during our 8am time that will allow you to keep your chops up on your instrument, and then attend your practices with Mrs. Risner in the SHS Front Circle from 9am-Noon.

We are hoping to fit Seniors for their Uniforms on Fridays by appointment. More details will to come on this.

We will review all of this information with your students when we see them in person.

We are excited to begin rehearsing again, we have missed the students so much, and are excited for the possibilities that this year holds.


Mr. Klohn and Mr. Barringer
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