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Congratulations to SPS Bucket Fillers!

Sandusky Primary School's staff strive to have their students be kind to one another. We chose to make our school a "Bucket Filling" school, meaning that we hope to fill each other's buckets by preforming acts of kindness or saying kind things. Each time a student is caught being kind, they have an opportunity to have their names placed into their classroom bucket. At the end of the month, winners are chosen for each grade level. Due to virtual learning, several students were drawn for being a Bucket Filler in their classroom for November through February The winners are: Carter Cesarini, Nori Penfield, Landon Smith, Jewell Walker, Allen Moots, Rylen Moore, Javon Everett, Andre Stockett, and Mia Hernandez, Brielle Hall, Kenneth Patrick, McKenzie Roane, Qa'Sean Burchett, Reese Knudtson, Jonathan Davisson, Emilia Milner, Jezmarayh Ernst, Scarlett Michel, Loralie Sanders, K'Ariyah Terrell, D'Mion Agee, Kielon Page, Jaliyah Col'on, Katana Ridgeway, Jedidiah Nickens, Andrew Meinelschmidt, Mariah Zander, Christopher Alexander, Edgar Delacruz, Jeremy Johnson, Joetta Moore, A'Million Brown, Christian Ehlers, and Emerson Parthemore.

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